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Making Sense of Diversity:
A Conversation at Bryn Mawr College

A Series of Friday Conversations

Fall 2003-Spring 2004 in the Multicultural Center

Date (and Link to Participants)ModeratorsTopic (and Link to Discussion Summary)Resources
Sept. 12 Paul Grobstein Biology and Diversity Diversity and Deviance: A Biological Perspective
Sept. 26 Anne Dalke Risk-Taking and Harm-Reduction Bloodchild, by Octavia Butler
Oct. 10 Ted Wong Asian: Identity or Category? Yellow: Race in America Beyond Black and White, by Frank Wu (pp. 1-38)
Oct. 24 Jody Cohen and Paula Arboleda Experiences of current Freshwomen: How are we actors here and how can we implement needed change?
Nov. 7 Juana Rodriguez In Living Color:
Mural Making at Bryn Mawr
Maestrapeace Mural on the Women's Building of San Francisco
The Great Wall of Los Angeles
Philadelphia Mural Arts Project
Nov. 21 Mark Lord Performing Our Identities--and Others'
Dec. 5 Prerna Srivastava and Jody CohenCurricular and Physical Spaces at Bryn Mawr: A Way In?
Jan. 30 Natalie Abbott and Anne DalkeCulture As Disability Culture as Disability, by Ray McDermott and Herve Varenne
Feb. 13 Nell Anderson and Paula Arboleda Community Involvement and Diversity Issues
Feb. 27 Paul Grobstein Thinking About Segregation and IntegrationAn Interactive Scientific Exploration Using Models
Mar. 19 Hannah Wilhelm and Chuck Heyduk Re-thinking Customs and Traditions at Bryn Mawr
Apr. 2 Jessie Posilkin, Orah Minder, Wil Franklin and Aminah Mohammed Religious Diversity--Navigating the Tough Spots Basic Tenets of an Atheist
and The Absence
Apr. 16 Claudia Ginanni, Lindsay Rowe and Emily MadsenSexual Orientation and Perception at Bryn Mawr, Then and Now
Apr. 30 Nia Turner, Florence Goff and Anne Slater The Contradiction(s) of Change


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