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Making Sense of Diversity:
A Conversation at Bryn Mawr College

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"Bryn Mawr's commitment to building a diverse, multicultural community is crucial to the College's educational mission. Students and scholars from various communities around the globe bring their perspectives to Bryn Mawr and learn from each other, through classroom exchanges, cultural activities and friendships, new ways of thinking about the world."
-Bryn Mawr College's Diversity Statement

Questions & Answers

Who could I contact if I am interested in learning more about diversity programs at Bryn Mawr?

E-mail Chris MacDonald-Dennis, Office of Intercultural Affairs

What types of programs are available to faculty, staff, and students that initiate conversations about diversity on this campus?

The entire Bryn Mawr College community is invited to participate in any or all of the diversity programs. These include the following:

  • Sustained Dialogue
  • Diversity Conversations
  • Other Community Events

Where can student organizations find funding for diversity related programs?

The Dean's Office, Office of Intercultural Affairs, and the Centers can assist student organizations with funding. Please inquire with these particular organizations to learn more about procedures for seeking support.


Student Organizations

Centers for the 21st Century

Academic Programs

Program in Gender and Sexuality

Africana Studies

African Studies Consortium

Hispanic and Hispanic-American Studies

East Asian Studies

Peace and Conflict Studies

Growth and Structure of Cities

Neural and Behavioral Sciences

Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research

President's Diversity Leadership Group

Chris McDonald Dennis, Assistant Dean and Director of Intercultural Affairs

Mary Osirim, Faculty Diversity Liason

Florence Goff, Equal Opportunity Officer

Raymond Albert, Staff Issues Liason


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