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Making Sense of Diversity: An Exploration


  • Are there real differences among people?
  • Can we acknowledge and talk about differences?
  • What are the differences?
  • What produces differences?
  • How important are the differences? For what?
  • What problems/opportunities are created by the differences?
  • What can we learn from the differences, the problems, the opportunities?
  • What are the implications of the differences/problems/opportunities for maintaining/creating communities?


"Diversity needs to be recognized for its pure splendor, and ability to affect lives. Diversity is the soul of intrigue and mystery in life." .... Diversity - One Woman's Exploration

"the objective ... is clear: a social and political system that respects and nurtures differences instead of attempting to eliminate them, and one which assures that community actions reflect the wisdom inherent in the assortment of perspectives made available by those differences and not the relative numbers, wealth, or status of the individuals holding the various perspectives." .... Diversity and Deviance: A Biological Perspective


Nia Turner's One Woman's Exploration

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