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Making Sense of Diversity:
A Conversation at Bryn Mawr College

A Series of Friday Noon Conversations (with lunch)
Multicultural Center

Spring Discussions
Dates and
Participant Lists
Moderators Topic (and Link to Discussion Summary)
Jan. 28 Kim Cassidy (Psychology), Holly Katz (05), Kyla Ellis (05) and Diane Gibfried (06, McBride) How Women Fight:
Making Nice at a Women's College
Feb. 11 Paul Somerville and Arthur Taylor (Dining Services),
Debbie Rubin and Ellie Esmond (Community Service Office)
Campus Diversity from the Perspectives of Some Members of the Staff
Feb. 25 Anne Dalke (Feminist and Gender Studies, English), Katy McMahon (05),
Michelle Mueller (05), Jessie Payson (06) and Gilda Rodriguez (07)
What's In a Name?: Re-defining Feminism
Mar. 18 Yinnette Sano (05) and Chris MacDonald-Dennis (Office of Intercultural Affairs) One People, Many Stories: Latina Identities
Apr. 1 Sandy Schram (Graduate School of Social Work) and Diane Scarpa (06) Red, Blue, Purple: Political Diversity
Apr. 15 Paul Grobstein (Biology) and Maria Scott-Wittenborn (07) Breaking the Silence: Mental Health Issues at Bryn Mawr College
Apr. 29 Allie Petonic (05), Christina Gubitosa (06) and Paula Arboleda (05)Interactions Between Race and Class on Campus
Fall Discussions
Sept. 10 Jackney Prioly and Chris MacDonald-Dennis Re-imagining our Customs
Sept. 24 Laura Kramer, Orah Minder and Deborah Harrold Listening for Peace:
The Israeli-Palestinian Struggle
Oct. 8 Heather Davis, Maria Fernandes and Michelle Mancini Sustained Dialogue:
A Report and an Invitation
Oct. 22 Emily Madsen and Linda-Susan Beard "Organic Discussions":
Diverse Pedagogies for Diverse Peoples
Nov. 5 Paula Arboleda, Alnisa Bell, Lauren Friedman, Nia Turner Report from South Africa
Nov. 19 Posse students, Jody Cohen and Nell Anderson Posse On Campus

Conversation Resources

2003-04 Archive: Schedule, invitations, and forum.


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