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Making Sense of Diversity:
A Series of Friday Noon Conversations at Bryn Mawr College

November 19, 2004

Nell Anderson, Jody Cohen, Audrey Flattes,
Yaramee Guttierrez and Sarah Mackin
"Posse On Campus"


Prepared by Anne Dalke
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This session began with an exercise called "connections," in which we were asked to say out "what Posse is." The answers were various:

The origins of Posse were explained; then we divided into small groups for a second exercise called "microlab." Each participant was given one minute to answer two questions: "What is your experience of Posse?" and "Is Posse congruent with Bryn Mawr values?" We came back to the large group to share our impressions of what stood out in our conversations:Feeling "honored to be in a space where such tough questions can be brought out," participants were asked to go away and "think from their roles on campus" about what other dialogues and events can build from this one. In the interim, the discussion is invited to continue on line.

"Making Sense of Diversity" will resume in person at noon on Friday, December 3, when Annelise Butler and Paul Grobstein will be talking about "Re-imagining Culture."

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