Emergence and Exploration:
Summer 2003 Institute on
Bridging Cultures in K-12 Curricula

Welcome to the home page of the Emergence and Exploration Institute at Bryn Mawr College for the year 2003. This Institute (like others in the series) is designed to bring together college faculty and K-12 teachers to discuss current understandings of "emergent systems" as a way of thinking about how novel properties arise out of simpler entities... and the implications of those understandings for classroom teaching and education generally. The Institute, which runs July 21-August 1, 2003, is supported by a grant to Bryn Mawr College from the National Science Foundation and the College's Center for Science in Society.

Image by Sharon Burgmayer


Monday, July 21 Getting Aquainted:
On the Institute Forum, tell us the Story of your Name.
Cf. "Where Have All the Lisas Gone?" and Social Security Online: Popular Baby Names (Doug, Kim, Anne)
Emergent Science and Emergent Pedagogy (Anne, Paul)
Tuesday, July 22 Using computers to explore emergence (Doug, Paul) Using Wiki to model an emergent process: Make a collaborative page about "Emergence" (Doug)
Wednesday, July 23 Ants and Plants (Panama, Ted) NetLogo with Ants and Plants (Panama, Ted)
Thursday, July 24 Evolution and the Idea of Emergence (Paul) Evolution Simulation and Emerging Wiki work (Doug)
Friday, July 25 Trying Out Multiple Ways to Solve Problems: Individually and Communally (Kim) Small group discussions: applying what we've learned to our own classrooms
Monday, July 28
The Emergence of Race and The Game of "Segregation" (Jody, Cynthia)
Working on collaborative projects
Tuesday, July 29 The Emergence of Race, Part II (Jody, Cynthia) Working on collaborative projects
Wednesday, July 30 Emergent Art and Writing (Anne) Working on collaborative projects
Thursday, July 31 Mini-symposium on K-16 collaboration (Paul) Working on collaborative projects
Friday, August 1 Presentations of collaborative web projects Graduation

Post-institute Assignment

Post-institute Evaluation


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