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Forum 2 - Reading a picture

Name:  serendip
Username:  Anonymous
Subject:  to write about
Date:  2003-07-21 14:43:26
Message Id:  6066

Name:  dawn
Username:  Anonymous
Date:  2003-07-21 14:59:22
Message Id:  6068
In the drawing I see a chess match gone awry. The pyramids are spewing out our colorful imagination, so that we now are able to access them. The chess board represents the organize-ness of life and we are the pyramids. From us comes many different, colorful things, oft times in a mass of confusion.(Just like this confused, colorful story)
Username:  Anonymous
Date:  2003-07-21 15:00:49
Message Id:  6069
The picture describes colorful energy emerging from geometrical shapes that are placed on black and white squares. How the three dimensional world looks when an idea is born.
Name:  Marita Wagner
Username:  mawagner@phila.k12.pa.us
Subject:  reaction to picture
Date:  2003-07-21 15:01:04
Message Id:  6070
I see reciprocal powerful movement either erupting from or compressing down into the pyramids on a checkerboard. The lower portion of the picture seems very structured in contrast to the upper "unleashed" portion.
Name:  Regina Toscani
Username:  reginatoscani@hotmail.com
Date:  2003-07-21 15:01:50
Message Id:  6071
The picture is how we make order from chaos. The multi-colored swirl above the chessboard represents the sensory data concerning the outside world. The chess pieces represent people who make observations, then organize the observations into conclusions, and based on these conclusions, people decide upon their next move. It is an on-going process, with sensory data changing. Therefore, conclusions have to change.
Name:  Antoinette
Username:  tonisisco@aol.com
Subject:  Modern Art
Date:  2003-07-21 15:03:07
Message Id:  6072
In the picture, I see learning coming from"out there" into the mind of the chess player. I also see the chess player impacting the "out there" or the collective knowledge of the art/skill/challenges of playing chess. Life is a lot like that, our experiences impact the social/spiritual/collective of our society and reciprocally our society also impacts the social/spiritual/collective of who we are as individuals. In short, from my perspective, the picture demonstrates that we are not alone, God created the conscious, and we are able then to understand/learn/make connections to people and things outside of ourselves.
Name:  Claudette W. Stone
Username:  cwilliamsstone@phila.k12.pa.us
Subject:  cwstone
Date:  2003-07-21 15:03:08
Message Id:  6073
"Evolving Energy"

Achieving a goal at some point begins in order; Then it spirals upward and outward which can appear chaotic but expansive.

Name:  Geraldine Brown
Username:  brownthankyou@aol.com
Subject:  Metamorphasis
Date:  2003-07-21 15:05:19
Message Id:  6074
The picture, to me seems to be forever changing. It seems to have a pattern of movement that is always trying to find the end of something. The further away the pieces get they seem to dissapear in the continuing billows of smoke. It is almost like infinity, because you don't know where the end is.
Name:  Mitch Schwartz
Username:  tintindeo@aol.com
Subject:  Picturestory
Date:  2003-07-21 15:05:52
Message Id:  6075
This interdimensional chessboard forms a foundation for the pyramids that project worlds composed of random patterns of elements. Those fortunate enough to see this representation of the universe are left with a few imposing questions:
1. Are the funnels of colors emerging from the pyramids or creating the pyramids?
2. What is formed by the merging of the funnels of colors?
3. Is it a chessboard or a checkerboard?
Name:  Wendy
Username:  simplyMarrvelous@yahoo.com
Subject:  Picture Me this, Picture Me That
Date:  2003-07-21 15:09:55
Message Id:  6076
Making order out of chaos.

A synthesis of information.

The blue pyramids are teachers who have taken in all this knowledge in order that they may disseminate this knowledge in a way that the student squares can understand.

This is a abstract design print done in math class as a project for geometry. This student wanted to portray their confusion at the beginning of the geometry unit. Now, the student has a clear understanding of space figures. The student also wanted the instructor to know that he/she liked the pyramids, squares, and triangles. This student has also shown their grasp of perspective

Username:  Anonymous
Subject:  Serendip
Date:  2003-07-21 15:10:20
Message Id:  6077
I see the chess board as life and the individual squares on the chess board as the choices you can takeand have available in your life. The patterns on the chess board consist of columns and rows which represent the different directions you can take and the paths available to you based on the direction you are traveling in. The pyramids you encounter on the chess board are the opportunities that cross your path. The funnel, and wind-clouds, protruding from the chess board represent the test and trials you come up against once you accept-or-reject opportunity. The atmosphere that surrouds the decisions and the direction you take in the paths of your life represent the spirit within and the calmness or peace you transmit through interaction. If you are in crisis you transmits turmoil-- if at peace you transmit joy.
Name:  brian malin
Username:  malinb1@yahoo.com
Subject:  picture
Date:  2003-07-21 15:10:40
Message Id:  6078
The mixing of thoughts and ideas from various separate sources otherwise constricted to a two dimentional chess board like surface.The mixing generates a richer and more diverse combination of ever expanding ideas and possibilites. A sum greater than the whole.
Name:  Lois
Username:  loismackey@yahoo.com
Subject:  a pattern of Developement : Into What I donot Know At This Time
Date:  2003-07-21 15:10:48
Message Id:  6079
I see a picture of a group of bluish/purple color prymids spirling upwardly its colors which emergences into this yellow circle. Out of this circle the colors continue to spiral into a larger mixture of both the yellow and purple/bluish colors, creating a pattern of sprinkles that continue upward.
Username:  Anonymous
Subject:  colorful explosion
Date:  2003-07-21 15:10:58
Message Id:  6080
There are several, four to be exact exploding pyramids. The pyramids are resting on a chess board like piece of platform. The platform is in a dust filled room that is unreconstruction. In an attempt to keep the workers honest, the employer placed the boobietrapped wanna be chess game in the room. The pyramids were rigged to explode and spitting out ribbons of colorful ink when tampered with.
Name:  Joan Johnston-Malin
Username:  malinb1@yahoo.com
Subject:  Game of life
Date:  2003-07-21 15:12:31
Message Id:  6081
In the game of life, we concrete mortals can soar into the etheral realm of the non-concrete via the energy of ideas. There we fly into the heights of freedom - where thoughts move at the speed of light, creating a rainbow of wavelenghts of illumination. Where we can escape the bland, confines of our mortal matter and tornado thoughts that expand in ever widening circles as we ascend higher into the nebulla of our primordial solar space. Our identity broadens to encompass the energy and forces of ultimate creativity and connection to the origin of the universe.
Name:  sylvia
Username:  Scooper@phila.k12.ps.us
Subject:  Picturenation
Date:  2003-07-21 15:14:58
Message Id:  6082
Life is like a game of chess(checkers. We make our moves in life based on influences around us (family, experiences, etc.) The moves we make and
the tools we usd to make the moves can lead us in many different directions. Our lives take on their color and meaning based on the choices we make. What to some may seem like confusion may be an exciting palette
of color (color representing opportunity). Where we end up on the board
of life indicates what we did with these opportunties.
Name:  Randal Holly
Username:  kr092389@aol.com
Subject:  Image by Sharon Burgmayer
Date:  2003-07-22 11:01:23
Message Id:  6101
Perhaps, what one considers as separate and distinct entities appear as such only when viewed on a simplistic level. As one scans upward on the image, one would expect the pyramids to focus to a series of infinitely small lines. However, what we see is not simply a bunch of upwardly linear extensions. Rather, we see an incoherent merging of these upward extensions. It is in this area where we make observations about our world and experience true learning.

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