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About Serendip

Born in the summer of 1994, Serendip was conceived as an interacting and developing system, not unlike a living organism. As of the fall of 1996, Serendip has organized itself into five subject areas (Brain and Behavior, Complex Systems, Genes and Behavior, Science and Culture, Science Education). Each of these contains interactive exhibits, articles, links to other resources, and a forum area for comments and discussion. Serendip has, in addition, a Playground, with interactive experiences of a variety of kinds, a Guest Exhibitions section, with additional multimedia material and interactive exhibits, and a Local Resources section with resources for groups related to Serendip. Each of these has its own forum area, and there is a separate forum area for discussion of Serendip itself.

By the end of 2000, Serendip had grown and radiated in multiple directions. To clarify what it had become and give new room to its growing points, Serendip metamorphosed for 2001, acquiring a new navigational system, a more consistent page appearance, and new home pages for each of its major sections. The pages now more clearly highlight ideas which have been developing since Serendip's birth ... and associated questions for further inquiry.

Serendip's Contributors

Amber Baum
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Bogdan Butoi - webmaster emeritus
Lois Buwalda
Amy Campbell
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Katie DiFelice
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Arlene McCormack
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Jan Richard, webmaster emeritus
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Hervé Varenne
Ingrid Waldron
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Mary Wilson
Robert Wozniak

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Founded and with continuing support from Bryn Mawr College and the Bryn Mawr College TIDE pool. We also gratefully acknowledge support from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute through an Undergraduate Science Education program grant to Bryn Mawr College.
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