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Remote Ready Biology Learning Activities

Remote Ready Biology Learning Activities has 50 remote-ready activities, which work for either your classroom or remote teaching.

Keeping track of Serendip

Serendip is actually a pretty busy place, with over 20,000 different visitors on a typical day and more than 100,000 in a typical week, and some days topping 27,000 visitors. You can see for yourself, in several different ways.

Ask Serendip: how many different computers have visited so far today (since midnight)?. After Serendip answers, you can click the reload button to find out how many additional computers have visited since you first asked the question.

Since January 2004, Serendip has run a program for keeping track of visits. Want to know the most popular pages? The most frequently used search terms? The nationalities of our visitors? Explore Serendip's stats to find out.

There is also an archive which provides both a cumulative summary report, and weekly reports, for the period beginning 1 January 2001, ending September, 2003. There are weekly summaries of Serendip's activity from 1996 through mid November 2000.

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