City 190, Form of the City: Schedule

Spring 1996 J. Cohen, G. Bender TA

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Mon. Jan 22
Gary McDonogh

Wed. Jan 24
City features, legibility
Barcelona, Rabat
Gary McDonogh
Fri.. Jan 26
Earliest cities
Dick Ellis
Read: Lynch, Image; Morris, History, chap. 1 and appx. G; Childe, "Urban Revolution."
Mon. Jan. 29
Greek cities
Niki Kantzios
Wed. Jan 31
Greek cities II
Niki Kantzios

Fri. Feb. 2
Roman cities
Maura Cleffi
Read: Morris, History, chaps. 2-4; Saalman, Medieval Cities.
Mon. Feb. 5
Late antique & medieval Rome
Dale Kinney
Wed. Feb. 7
Patterns and perceptions
[hand out assignment 1]
Fri. Feb. 9
Medieval Siena, Perugia
Sabrina De Turk
Mon. Feb. 12
Reading patterns in the contemporary city
Wed. Feb. 14
Reading patterns II
" 3pm: Discussion, group A

Fri. Feb. 16
12pm: Discussion, group B

Read: Morris, History, chaps. 5-9; recommended: Argan, Renaissance Cities.
Mon. Feb. 19
Medieval to renaissance Florence
Gretchen Bender
[assignment 1 due]
Wed. Feb. 21
Early cities: issues
" 3-5pm: Downtown #1, group A [notes]
Fri. Feb. 23
12-2pm: Downtown #1, group B

Mon. Feb. 26
Classical and medieval cities: issues
->(Tues 27 Feb, 8-10pm, review --GB)
Wed. Feb. 28
Medieval and renaissance cities: issues
(" 8-10pm, review--GB)

Fri. Mar. 1

Mon. Mar. 4
Renaissance to baroque: Rome, Versailles, Wuerzburg, Karlsruhe

Wed. Mar. 6
London and Paris on eve of colonization
[hand out assignment 2]
Fri. Mar. 8

Highly recommended: Scully, American Architecture and Urbanism, pp. 1-118.

~S P R I N G ~ B R E A K ~

Mon. Mar. 18
Europe and the New World: Central and South America

Wed. Mar. 20
North American planning in 17th and 18th centuries

Fri. Mar. 22
Industrial Revolution, Manchester, and new building types
Gretchen Bender
Read: Choay, Modern City; Engels, Condition of the Working Class, chaps. 1-3.
Mon. Mar. 25
The city as a work of art: London, Paris, Vienna
Leslie Topp
[assignment 2 due]
Wed. Mar. 27
Origins of modern planning
" 3pm: Discussion, group A

Fri. Mar. 29
12pm: Discussion, group B

Read: Jackson, Crabgrass Frontier.
Mon. Apr. 1
Metropolis of 1900: Berlin, Paris, London
Wed. Apr. 3
Metropolis of 1900: Chicago and New York
Fri. Apr. 5

Read: Fishman, Urban Utopias.
Mon. Apr. 8
Mass transportation and suburbanization

Wed. Apr. 10
Ideas of home: American and European housing
" 3-5pm: Downtown #2, group A
Fri. Apr. 12
12-2pm: Downtown #2, group B

Highly recommended: Scully, pp. 86-177
Mon. Apr. 15
Planning in early 20th c.: Howard, Wright, Le Corbusier

Wed. Apr. 17
Housing reform movements of the 1920s
" 3pm: Discussion, group A
Fri. Apr. 19
12pm: Discussion, group B

Read Jacobs, Death and Life, first half; highly recommended: Scully, pp. 178 to end
Mon. Apr. 22
Planning under totalitarianism
[term project due]

Wed. Apr. 24
Planning outside Europe and the US since WWII

Fri. Apr. 26
American city and suburbs since WWII: megalopolis, the new city, edge city, and urban villagers.
Read: rest of Jacobs, Hayden, "Non-sexist City."
Mon. Apr. 29
European new towns: France, Britain and Scandinavia
->(Tues, 30 Apr, 8-10pm, review, GB)
Wed, 1 May
Last class
("8-10pm, review, GB)

Fri. May 3

Optional final, as scheduled during final period by BMC

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