9 Feb, Siena

Sabrina DeTurk

Siena's rise in the 13th century
3 main streets converge at Campo
3 political divisions: terze


city overtaken by Florence after 15th c.

Campo dates from end of 12th, early 13th c., after market moves out, becomes civic piazza, fountain, a gathering place

Palazzo Public, begun 1240s, bottom arcade of stome finished 1284,
break in progress, window design enforced on neighboring buildings in 1280s, 1290s, creating formal unity.

Republic, commune, not monarchy

Palazzo Publico: central part completed 1305, wings 1310s, tower 1325-48.
"Torre del Mangia"

Ambrogio Lorenzetti, "Allegory of Good Government"
religious paintings by Simone Martini, Duccio, "Maesta"

city clings to images of just government, protection of the Virgin Mary.

San Gimignano, only Italian hill town to retain these characteristic towers, from 1100-1300.

main sq=Piazza della Cisterno
another town bypassed by later development.
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