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Webology and Webocracy

Since its birth in 1994, Serendip has been acquiring experiences and perspectives on the Web, of which it is both a product and a contributing participant. In this section, we will be recording some of our observations, interpretations, ideas, and questions about the Web itself, and its place in the ongoing evolution of humanity, life, and the universe.

Some Questions

  • How are individuals, culture, and our knowledge of the world changing as a result of the instantaneous, ubiquitous information availability of the web? What are likely future changes and what should be done to to maximize the likelihood of positive impact?

  • What does/will the Web make possible that has been difficult or impossible in the past?

  • In what ways is the Web analogous to other self-organizing, information processing, complex systems, such as life, the brain, culture? What can these things tell us about the Web and vice versa?

  • What is the significance, for the Web and other things, of highly disorderly information generation? What problems/opportunities for making sense of things is inherent in decentralized, somewhat random information processing?

Some Responses From elsewhere ...
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