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Teaching With/On the Web

Paul Grobstein
16 April 2004

Background: An invitation to teach/learn in new and not fully understood ways

Successive Emergences:

  1. Web as information resource for faculty/students
  2. Web as interactive educational experiences
  3. Web as novel authoring environment for faculty
  4. Web as interactive conversation
  5. Web as authoring environment for students



Bottom line

  • The web may or may not be a better way to do what one is already doing
  • The web is a superb tool for reconceving education by exploring new ways to teach
  • More sharing of resources among educators
  • Greater availability of materials for both students and teachers
  • Greater availability of experiences to learn from
  • Greater involvement of students with each other, with teachers, with broader world ... students as teachers, with greater responsibility not only for their own education but education of others as well, teachers as facilitators/colleagues
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