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Remote Ready Biology Learning Activities

Remote Ready Biology Learning Activities has 50 remote-ready activities, which work for either your classroom or remote teaching.

Serendip's Togo connection

SUSAN WHITE, Associate Professor and Chair of the Chemistry Department at Bryn Mawr College, worked with the Peace Corps in the West African nation of Togo from 1978 to 1981, teaching physical sciences in public high schools in the Plateau region. While working on her Ph.D at Johns Hopkins University and during subsequent postdoctoral work at Yale, Susan remained in touch with Togolese friends and teachers. After joining the Bryn Mawr faculty as an Assistant Professor in 1991, Susan returned to Togo for two weeks in 1994, for a quick visit in 1998, and for two weeks in 2000. During each of these visits, Susan talked with teachers, school administrators, and government officials about how Americans and Togolese might work together to enhance educational opportunities internationally. Materials presented here are aimed at developing ways to bring American and Togolese educators and students closer together.

  • Weather report in Tohoun

    6/7/00--The rainy season started in April and strong winds caused damage to some thatched and corrugated roofs. Corn and other crops were planted. There has been little rain in Tohoun so their corn is growing slowly, but in nearby regions more rain has fallen and crops are fluorishing.

  • School Update

    The Lycée's thatched roof cannot withstand more rain so the two 10th grade classes have been dismissed for the year and the remaining 4 classes in 11th and 12th grades will move to the new building to review for the National Exams in August and September. The physical fitness portion of the Baccalaureate Examination has already been completed by some students. The 1999-2000 academic year has been extended due to strikes earlier in the year.

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