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This brief summary of Tado was prepared based on the French document sent by Bruce K. Esseh, French Teacher, C. E. G. TADO (Tado Jr. High School).

The school's mailing address is: CEG de Tado, s/c College Protestant de Tado, B. P. 15 Tohoun, Moyen Mono, Togo, West Africa.


    1. Schools

      The village of Tado has four primary schools and two junior high schools. Of the six schools located in Tado, there are two schools, a primary school and a junior high school, which suffer from inadequate facilities. These are "paillotes" or "apatames" made of branches for supports and thatched roofs which serve as classrooms.

    2. Health

      With a population of more than 2000 inhabitants, Tado only has one dispensary which serves as a health center. This forces the inhabitants to seek treatment in the well-equipped health centers in Benin, the neighboring country.

    Miscellaneous Facilities and Activities

    Finally, and in the place of a conclusion, the inhabitants of Tado like community work projects which help in development of their region. Their wish is for this village to become paired (Twin City) with a town in Europe or America in order to share their culture and civilization.

    They hope you will help them in whatever ways are feasible

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