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Making Sense of Diversity:
A Conversation at Bryn Mawr College

A Series of Friday Noon Conversations (with lunch)

Planned for Fall 2004 in the Multicultural Center

Date ModeratorsTopic (and Link to Discussion Summary)
Sept. 10 Jackney Prioly and Chris MacDonald-Dennis Re-imagining our Customs
Sept. 24 Laura Kramer, Orah Minder and Deborah Harrold Listening for Peace:
The Israeli-Palestinian Struggle
Oct. 8 Heather Davis, Maria Fernandes and Michelle Mancini Sustained Dialogue:
A Report and an Invitation
Oct. 22Emily Madsen and Linda-Susan Beard "Organic Discussions":
Diverse Pedagogies for Diverse Peoples
Nov. 5 Nia Turner, Paula Arboleda and Alnisa Bell Report from South Africa
Nov. 19 Posse students, Jody Cohen and Nell Anderson Posse On Campus
Dec. 3 Paul Grobstein and Anneliese Butler Re-imagining Culture

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