Transforming Our Lives:
Women on the Threshold of Change

An Event Co-sponsored by The Bryn Mawr College McBride Scholars Program and Admissions Office
With support from The Center for Science in Society

...I never thought how all the while
what I needed was so simply
a door, to the outside
that opens
a door, to the inside
that shuts.

from Becky Birtha
The Forbidden Poems

An Opportunity to Take Stock and Envision Our Futures
Saturday, September 28, 2002
9 a.m.-3 p.m.
English House, Bryn Mawr College

limen n. Threshold. (ex. make urgent the appetites and needs which are smoldering below the limen of awareness.)

Are you at the threshold?

Spend a day in the company of women who, like you, stand at the limen of change. Meet others who have transformed their lives. Begin your transformation.


Join us at Bryn Mawr College, to identify dreams, resources and barriers, and to learn practical strategies for balancing work and family, returning to school, changing careers, managing major life transitions.

Take stock.
Envision your future.
Plan your next steps.

Change your career.
Return to school.
Pursue a creative interest....


9:15 Welcome

9:30-11 Hands Across the Threshold:
Women Accompanying Women Through Change--

Sharon Burgmayer, Anne Dalke and Andrea Friedman:
A Painter, a Poet and a Weaver in Conversation

Reading the Paintings

11:15-12:30 "a door, to the inside...."
Journaling Toward Discovery--Kate Burn

1 -2:15 "a door, to the outside...."
Lunchtime workshops

2:30 Stepping Through the Door:
Questions, Answers, Promises
--Anne Dalke

More Poems About Doors!

About the Presenters

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