Transforming Our Lives:
Women on the Threshold of Change

An Event Co-sponsored by The Bryn Mawr College McBride Scholars Program and Admissions Office
With support from The Center for Science in Society

About the Presenters

Susan Anderson is a McBride Scholar at Bryn Mawr College and is on the research staff of the Andrew W.Mellon Foundation.She juggles being a wife,mother of two (grown)sons –and new grandmother!–with her studies,full-time employment,and a volunteer commitment that has lasted 17 years.She is enjoying the journey.

Sharon Burgmayer ,acting chair of the Chemistry Department at Bryn Mawr College,looks for beauty in the chemical structures of the universe and works at creating it in her garden, in her watercolors,in her piano playing,in her church,with friends and in her family (a husband and two sons). Kate Burn lived the first part of her life prosaically as CPA and investment banker.Now,she is learning to take risks and seek the poetry in her life.She is a McBride Scholar at Bryn Mawr College,majoring in English.

Anne Dalke is a member of the Bryn Mawr College English Department and coordinates the Feminist and Gender Studies Program there.A member of Radnor Friends Meeting,a wife and the mother of four children,she has spent her life in transition and keeping friends company through their own liminal stages.

Andrea Friedman returned to school and turned her sights to science after a ten-year career in activism and electoral politics.She graduated from Bryn Mawr College in 2001 and works as a geologist for the NJ Geological Survey.She and her partner,Peg,are amused that Andrea now finds herself writing poetry (about changes tectonic and otherwise).

Suzanne Levenbach has always thrived on adventure and challenge.She has been a trainer in industry and owner of a clothing boutique.She is an enthusiastic traveler and a passionate gardener.Recently,while in temporary exile from her family (husband and grown children),she completed her English at Bryn Mawr.

Rona Pietrzak explored a number of career paths,including earning her a non- traditonal student,on the way to her ideal role as Director of Bryn Mawr ’s McBride Scholars Program.She draws daily on her previous experiences as teacher,negotiator,and counselor.Rona lives in Mt.Airy with her 15-year-old daughter and two adopted stray cats.

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