Transforming Our Lives:
Women on the Threshold of Change

The program ended with one more Rumi poem,
and then questions, answers and promises made by each participant to herself:

Sharon Burgmayer, "Seascape"

A: I can consciously fill my life with joy. Joy is free!
Q; What place should (paying) work occupy in my life?
Promise: I will do one thing each day from my list of "25 Things That Make Me Happy."

Q: What the fuck do I do now?
A: Try! Move, don't analyze--MOVE NOW.
Promise: Call the counselor and dig in further. Start school in the winter session.

Q (I don't feel 100% INDEPENDENT --what I wrote on the board):
I was asked: So is that what you mean by "young"?
(Abstract). "Answer" I was given today: There is NOTHING to fear, really. EVERYONE HAS ROADBLOCKS.
Q: Did going to Thailand influence your decision to become a doctor?
A: Yes--I found out I could do something that I didn't think I could do (teach).
Promise: I WILL apply to Bryn Mawr's Postbac Premed program for Fall 2003 (w/out doubt or fear).
--Julie Mesaros

Q: Should I fear the choices of the heart and passion?
A: No. Seek those people who are looking for you.
Promise: I promise not to let fear stop me, but to use it as fuel to get me to my next destination. Keep my studies my focus.
--Patricia Wilkins

Q: Are the trade-offs going to be worth the pursuit of a change in my life?
A: Yes they will, but I must stay focused on the tasks of the journey.
Promise: To write the business plan and do the market research.

Q: What is stopping me or holding me back from taking steps toward an educational journey?
A: Uncertainty, fear, mainly indecision. I may not need all the answers to get started.
Promise: Call Options, Inc. and look at their career counseling. Keep exploring and start taking the steps (or read What Color Is My Parachute?).

Q: can I start my own business?
Promise: I promise not to be so hard on myself all the time.
--Cyndi Guiterrez

Q: Do I need to have all the answers NOW?
A: No, I can take the time to search myself for them.
Promise: I promise to get the book What Color Is My Parachute.
--Rosemary Snyder

I promise that I will take the first step in making a contact that will mentor me in my new adventure.

Q: Should I start my own business?
A: Do not want to be forced into relocation for a productive future.
Promise: Seriously evaluate starting my own business. Think of an idea and research it.

Q: How can I make my life more fulfilling?
A: I now feel I know where to start!
Promise: I will work on my "perfect day" scenario to better understand my priorities/values.

Q: What will I get from this seminar?
A: Possibilities, tangible goals, promises and, pray, direction
Promise: Do 2 things from list done in workshop

Q: What do I want for my life?
A: It may be that I have most of it already--I just need to enrich it more.
Promise: I will try to stay committed to actualizing my inner desires and questioning.
--Carol Wesley

Q: Where to go from here? (2) Assoc. or Bachelor in Dental Hygiene?
A: Not to limit self. Be open to other possibilities relating to going back to school next fall.
Promise: I promise to do more research on my career choice and explore schools/ McBride program that will meet my needs.
--Karen Hayer
Q: What should I do next?
A: Keep an open mind and explore. Then decide and try something new. If it doesn't work, try something else -- but keep trying and keep exploring.
Promise: I promise to keep looking for new ideas.

Q: Is it ever too late?
A: Never, you will find your niche.
Promise 1: Step out in Faith re, my coursework (Not in Fear).
"Just go for it! Encourage myself!"

Q: What do I want to do the most?
A: Business-wise it should be the one that is the most marketable. the one that fills a niche that is not being met n the marketplace.
Art vs. business
Art is something I'm good at.
Business is something I'm not good at, sales especially.
Promise: Look for my strengths and plot a course that will best use those strengths.

Q: What do I want to be when I grow up?
A: I probably don't need to go back to school for another or different degree. But I do have major work to do before I get my answers.
Promise: Start and finish a project to sell.

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