Transforming Our Lives:
Women on the Threshold of Change

In response to the invitation to "create your own interpretation" of three of Sharon's paintings,

participants wrote:

In the center picture are glasses; one on each side shows the owner's life stage. The right side reflects the beginning-kind of structure of existence; the glasses reflect a turning point or a transitional, questionable point out of which emerges the other side, the aqua, the changes or coming together of the structured and the unconscious transition becoming conscious. The top center of the glasses shows the opening; the glass shows transition; tail end shows acceptance & merger.
--Leslie Thompson
My two lives existed side by side
for the longest time
it is very hard to live both
I either had to be Jo-Ann
wife, mother, daughter, sister or the other "self" . . . . usually . . .

I desperately sought to be
the way I thought
'I ought to be' . . .
but always found myself
wanting to be different,
liking the ability to make a
different choice

I am now trying to 'weave' my
two selves together . . .
can they coexist? . . . happily?
successfully?. . .
I think it would feel more
fluid, flowing, free

The last journey
I have left to make
is to find the courage
to go forward
from here
'myself' and
my heart
--Jo-Ann Henry

The middle Picture portrays a relationship between man and woman: woman on left (pink), man on right (blue). In the center is where they merge lives, souls, spirits, borders. Dark spot is where there is a separation. Above the dark spot are the man and woman who no longer have the relationship.

Painting #1:
Volcanic lava meets the sea. It stops. But keeps on coming. Some of it seeps through and leaves blotches and spots and stepping stones for another time. Stones to get through the deep, to keep you from drowning as you make your way through the deep sea.
Painting #2:
Under water the turmoil stops. All is serene and calm. Daylight filters through. You can be drowning, but still see the light.

Picture #1:
The bear and the rabbit blend to make a great friendship. How different they are, yet they seem so close, back to back looking out from and for one another. Even as the bear smiles the rabbit has a worried look. Does the rabbit see what the bear doesn't? Picture #2:
The Kiss, is it Hello or Goodbye?
Picture #3:
I will find you always as we are being separated, sucked out of the little cocoon we've made with each other. You will always be there my soul.
--Cyndi Guiterrez

There is beauty in contrast, in the tension between two entities, in opposites and the possibilities these opposites suggest (rather than the judgment one side imposes on the other). The images are definite, vivid, confident - not quite a blending, better than a blending - a shifting image that is most clear in contrast. I remember, as a child in Arizona, holding my finger up to the white hot light coming in through the window, seeing the blue glow issue from the orange line that was my finger, blood coursing beneath - letting me know of my absolute physicality, and of the mysteries beyond my touch.
In the center painting I see myself tied in knots trying to comply with the rules of the world that provides the security I need to be self-sufficient. After so many years in that world I need a change; and in the third painting I see myself entering the new realm that is now open to me. The red represents the excitement of the new world opening an d the center represents the peace I find within that new world.
--Libby Mosier

#3 Safe Haven:
The raw heat and intensity of emotional change and transformation are evident in the red sphere. Yet the hottest most intense portion is the inner chamber which is suffused with white light. Clean, honest-ever-brightening. The green-blue-purple dragons dance. They are no longer rigid and stiff; still and unyielding. Instead they are fluid, stretching, leaning into the light; not turning their backs to it as before.
--Robin Bratz

Picture on the right
-coming together from the storm
-fending, happiness through a red fiery world
-peacefulness inside the womb
-very loving "meeting," almost "finding the way" after a struggle through the redness of hard times

Painting #1:
The lifting of the depressive blues into the new sun's transformation of myself has begun. There is a divide which must be crossed. The "blues" does no fade into the light. One must stop, a conscious effort to cross over to the other side. The mind, body and soul are destroyed by the blues. The yellows and oranges give new life to me. I'm transformed.

Cataclysmic -
life being
Blood boiling
Heat -
Its merging force
I begin
Creating as I am being Created
I rest
Within the soothing light
to wait - begin the journey
Into being

Picture "B" middle:
It seems appropriate that I should choose to focus on the middle painting. As is most times the case with me, I am in the middle. Whether it's between my husband & our children, my children and my husband, my husband and his family . . . I could go on. Here, now, it is becoming more apparent that I'm in the middle of myself. Between what I've been doing and what I've not yet done. This painting - two colors are distinctly shown, yet even though they meld in the middle, the one blue, wavy, line remains intact, winding successfully along, growing deeper in color as it's joined by another, and still continuing on alone. BUT . . . I don't want to be alone.
--Carol Wesley

My own interpretation of the Red Flower is at the center of a new beginning . . . The purple, green, and blues represent changes, experiences, and new growth experienced and coming together. The movement of the petals and frills of this Red flower hold and shape the change that is occurring until it blooms.

The Third Painting:
-the overwhelming red is controlling and suppressing the individuality of the thread-like core. -the white space is pushing out - weakening the Red Walls - it grows with the stretching and growing of the green and purple threads. -the Red Field is weakening and will soon break open. Power is shifting to the diversity and determination of the core. -It will soon be free and equal to its host.

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