About Fridays in the Lab

This program brings selected high school and middle school science classes such as Delaware Valley Friends School (DVS) to the campus on four Fridays during the academic year for interactive laboratory demonstrations, short experiments and lectures. Faculty in the anthropology, biology, chemistry, and geology departments provide laboratory experiences in the areas of neurobiology, molecular biology, forensic anthropology, human evolution, behavior, biodiversity, water chemistry, and mapping.

During each visit, students will also eat lunch in the dorm cafeterias, and take tours of the campus with the emphasis on science facilities.

Scroll down to see the 2007-2008 Schedule and Topics.

2007-2008 Schedule and Topics

DVS Middle School (7th grade)

Sept. 28th, 2007

Ecology of Rhoads Pond and Mill Creek

  Blog and Photographs of Organisms

Nov. 16th, 2007

Ecology of Rhoads Pond and Mill Creek

  Pictures of the DVF Students

Feb 22nd, 2008.

Dr. Tamara Davis

Previous Labs 2005-2007

2006 - 2007
High School Class

April 27, 2007
Lab on Phylogeny.

What is Phylogeny?



Feb. 23, 2007
Genetics and Molecular Biology



Dec. 8, 2006
Part 2: Water Quality and Stream Ecology



Oct. 6, 2006
Part 1: Water Quality and Stream Ecology

2005 - 2006
High School Class

Feb. 24, 2006
Neuroanatomy Lab



April 7, 2006
Muscle Anatomy and Physiology Lab



Nov.18, 2005
Forensic Anthropology/Human Evolution



Nov.4, 2005
Molecular Biology/DNA Fingerprinting

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