Pre-College Science Education Awardees
2007 Ashley Dawkins (Physics Major)
2006 Kaitlin Friedman (Geology/ES)
2005 Yaena Park (Biology)
2005 Maeve O'Hara (Physics)
College Science Education Awardees
2007 Eden McQueen (Chemistry)
2007 Simona Radu (Chemistry)
2006 Cordelia Ochis (Physics)
2006 Stephanie Olen (Geology)
2005 Tamiyo Britton (Mathematics)
2005 Christine DeStephan (Biology)
Off Campus Research Awardees


Kaitlynn Heflin (Geology)
2007 Camille Jones (Geology)
2007 Jasmine Shafagh
2007 Laura Spearot (Psychology/Biology)
2007 Holly Stewart (Biology/Philosophy)
2007 Aditi Vashist (Math)
2006 Bhumika Patel (Chemistry)
2006 Marissa Patterson (Biology)
2006 Milena Redzic
2006 Aditi Vashist (Math/Physics)
2006 Nicki Zelenski (Biology)
2005 Mo Convery (Biology)
2005 Rupa Iyengar (Psychology)
2005 Alea Khan (Psychology)
2005 Holly Stewart (Biology/Philosophy)

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