2006 Off Campus Research Internship Awardee

Aditi Vashist (Mathematics and Physics)

Mentor: Robert S. Strichartz Ph.D. (Cornell University, Mathematics)


Research at the Summer Institute of
Mathematics at Cornell University

This summer research project consists mainly of a group of students working on one of three projects with a mentor from the Cornell faculty and other visitng professors. The three possible topics for research are Analysis of Fractals, Dynamical Systems and Computer-Assisted Proofs, and Geometric and Topological Combinatorics. Based on what group I get assigned to, there will be varying levels of analytical and computer-oriented investigation into the above fields.

Activities Associated with Award

Meeting/Poster Presentation:
Presented at REU, Cornell University, on Aug. 8, 2006.
Poster Title: Dominance in the Weak Order of Finite Coxeter Groups. Aditi Vashist.

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