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Motto: An applet a day keeps the doctor away!
<H1>About my work:</H1>
Dynamical Systems and Fractals:
Here are some Java applets with application in the study of dynamical systems. Feel free to play with them. Please send me any comment. It will help me a lot for the future versions.

The Bifurcation Diagram
John Conway's Life Game - JARS Top 25% - JADE Best Java-Based Applet
A proof of the Li-Yorke Theorem
Sierpinski's Triangle
Sierpinski's Fractals

Neural Networks:
The Perceptron
The Lateral Inhibition Simulator

Other math projects:
The Parametrization of the Costa Surface

Other java applets:
Find The Spot!
A Navigation Bar for Serendip
A pop-up window for web pages

I am working on a client-server system based on the X11 graphic library, called "Interactive Graphic Data Analyser". The server captures and process data from different clients allowing the user to choose between several modes of representation (pie charts, histogram, graphs, etc). It provides a protocol to communicate with the clients.
The system can be used in large number of applications, including computers system administration, chemistry, biology, physics, medicine, etc.

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