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Bifurcation Diagram

Dynamical systems is one of the fields that I am interested in. I created some software tools to help me in my work. An example of what I wrote is the Java application below, which you can play with (if you are using Netscape 2.0 or any other browser which is Java ready).

The source code of this applet is for public access.

You can use this tool to understand the behavior of the function f(x)=c*x(1-x).
The horizontal axis is the c axis (which can take values between 0 and 4) and the vertical axis is the f(x) axis. For each c, the applet computes the first 100 iterations, starting at xo=0.4, without plotting them. The next 100 iterations are computed and ploted.

You can zoom a specific region by clicking and dragging the mouse to select the desired area.

Sorry, but your browser is not understanding Java applets. Try again using Netscape 2.0.

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