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The Parametrization for Mathematica of
the Costa Surface

In 1994 I worked together with Mihaela Teodorescu (my whife :) ) and Prof. Victor J. Donnay from Bryn Mawr College in a topology project regarding the Costa Minimal Surface.
To generate the shape of the Costa surface we used Mathematica, Geomview and Evolver. I worked on the parametrization of the Costa surface, and finaly we obtained something close to the shape, and all in just one piece. Mihaela took that parametrization and worked a lot with evolver, finaly obtaining the shape you can see on my home page.

Click and drag the mouse to rotate the Costa surface. The applet used to display my file is Viewer3D, wrote at the Geometry Center . A short version of the movie [MPEG - 1.1Mb] is available online.

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