Talking Toward Techno-Pedagogy is a collaborative, cross-college, cross-constituency effort that uses the advent and proliferation of new information technologies as an occasion to rethink all aspects of educational practice. Talking Toward Techno-Pedagogy takes collaboration on teaching and learning as its main goal. Many approaches to the integration of technology into teaching start and end with the technology. With support and in collaboration with members of the college community differently positioned vis-à-vis teaching and learning, we have developed a workshop that aims to support a rethinking of people's roles and responsibilities regarding the integration of technology into teaching. This workshop is designed for teams, and it starts with pedagogy - the teaching and learning goals of the team members. Through organizing conversations among teachers and learners from different constituencies: professors, librarians, information technologists, students, and other participants in the teaching and learning efforts of a college we aim to:

  • foster communication across constituencies who are often separated by institutional structures
  • encourage each team member to reconsider what he or she as well as what other participants in the workshop have to contribute to the teaching and learning goals of a particular course
  • ensure that teams leave the workshop with a specific curricular project to be implemented in the coming year
  • help to build foundations for future, long-term collaborative relationships.