Which plant loses more water?

Student worksheet 2

Materials :

  • 1 nursery plant per student
  • 1 plastic bag per student
  • A sunny bright day.


    Weigh your plant and recrord here ______________
    Place plant in plastic bag and seal with your name on the bag
    Leave plant in the sun for several hours.

    After several hours take your plant and weigh. Record here_____

    1]What is the difference in weight?__________

    2]Measure the amount of water in your bag and all bags in your group put together.
    Your bag _______________
    All bags in your plant group__________

    Which plant lost more water ?

  • From the amount of water you measured______________
  • From the weight difference________________________

    Explain your answer above_____________________________



    Conclusion/Personal Reflection:

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