Units of capacity/Measuring volume.

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Lesson plan 2 :

Which Plant Loses More Water?
{Units of capacity/measuring volume}

Time frame:

About 90 mins.

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  • Students will see the plant that loses more water.
  • Students will measure the volume of water in fluid ounces,cup,quart and so on.
  • Students will weigh plants and compare weights.
  • Students will identify some of the functions of the stem in a plant.


    2 kinds of nursery plants ,one for each student, 1 sealable plastic bag per child and measuring tools such as rulers,scales etc.

    Procedure :

  • Have students revise the different tools and units of measuring weight and volume.
  • Design and perform an individual experiment in groups of 2 :---------
  • 1] Have each child weigh his or her plant in ounces or pounds.
  • 2] Put individual plant in plastic bag.
  • 3] Put the whole bag outside in the sun for many hours.

    Record your results on the student worksheet 2.

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