Lesson plan 1: How does water travel in plants?

Time frame : About 90 mins.

borrowed from Aylett Nurseries

Objectives :

  • Students to observe how water travels in plants.
  • Students will see how fast the liquid travels on an hourly basis.
  • Students will measure the color move using 1/4",1/2",inch .
  • Materials :

  • paper 1/4",1/2" inch ruler
  • celery stalk with leaves
  • jar,water,different food colors
  • student worksheet and pencil.
  • Procedure :

  • Have students look at the regular inch rulers and compare to the paper rulers handed out to them.
  • Have them practice measuring the length of their textbooks and their pencils or any other object of interest in the classroom.
  • perform the experiment:
  • Cut the celery stalk at the bottom and draw a picture of the bottom.
  • Use your paper ruler to measure 3 inches on student's jar or simply calibrate the jar.
  • Fill jar with water up to the 3" level.
  • Add color of choice to water,
  • Put in the celery stalk and leave overnight.
  • Every hour, have students measure how far the color has travelled up the stalk.
  • Take out the stalk and observe the bottom, comparing it to the old celery bottom drawing.
  • Complete the student worksheet1.
  • Lesson Plan 2.

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