Bird Brains and Buddies

by Karen Cohen

Song to a Seagull

Fly silly seabird
No dreams can possess you
No voices can blame you
for sun on your wings
My gentle relations
Have names they must call me
For loving the freedom
Of all flying things
My dreams with the seagulls fly
Out of reach, out of cry

Joni Mitchell, 1968

My love for and fascination with birds began as a child growing up in a beach community on Long Island where I observed seagulls and herons nesting, caring for their young as they learned to fly, roaming the shore for food, and diving into the water to catch their "silver finds." Mostly I admired the freedom that was their winged birthright, especially during difficult times when I wished, as we all sometimes do, that we could fly away rather than face the responsibilities associated with growing up. How fitting it is that birds play a big part in my life even now. I have two bird buddies at home, Pepe, a sun conure, and Mikey, a cockatiel, who are both friendly, loving, and intelligent.

I'm happy to introduce you to my bird buddies, Pepe and Mikey, on this page. I have also included several pictorials of wild birds in flight. In addition, several links to articles on birds have been provided for you to click on and peruse. After visiting these pages, I hope you will come away with a greater appreciation for the beauty, personality and intelligence of these wonderful creatures.