My Bird Buddies

Pepe the Sun Conure

Pepe came into our lives in the summer of 1998. He received his namesake because of his vibrant colors of red, green, yellow and orange. He was three months old when we purchased him from Schults Bird Farm in Langhorne. He weighed 110 grams, and was almost fully weaned off of the bird formula he had been fed since birth. We were told he came from a breeder in Arizona.

Pepe eats a variety of seeds and nuts, as well as human foods such as bread, pasta, fruits and vegetables. The foods which are toxic for him are chocolate, avocado, and alcohol. Loving, energetic and feisty, Pepe would rather be out playing with his human family than anything else. He kisses, cuddles and chats. He also lies in your hand with his feet up and plays dead. When he is enjoying a snack or listening to his favorite songs, he bobs his head up and down frequently. Pepe loves to talk, but does not articulate very well. He says a few short words like "hello", especially when the phone rings. He also says "stop", "kiss, kiss", and "pretty Pepe". He is particularly talented in his ability to imitate sounds like laughing, clicking, munching. One negative: Pepe has been known to get nippy on occasion--when he's tired or wants something badly. He doesn't take too kindly to strangers, and will act as a "watchbird", guarding his masters from potential enemies.

Pepe is a great pet. We hope that he will live out all of his bird years, which we understand could be 25 to 30 years.

Mikey the Pied Cockatiel

Mikey is a female pied cockatiel who has been a member of the family since 1995. She was purchased from a local commercial pet shop where we were told Mikey was most likely a male. We soon found out that pied cockatiels cannot be sexed by appearance. Based on her behavior and disinclination to talk, we have concluded that Mikey is indeed female.

She is quiet, reserved and moody, but displays affection towards the senior members of the family, namely Mom and Dad. A great "lap bird", Mikey is content to perch on someone's shoulder, head, leg, or any available warm body part. Once she is completely at home with her human buddy, she will eventually close her eyes and snuggle up for a nap.

Mikey eats seeds and occasional table food. She has a fondness for breakfast cereal, cooked potatoes, pasta, pizza, and bagels.

Mikey stands tall at approximately 14 inches long; however, at least 6 inches is attributed to her tail alone. The position of her yellow crest reveals her mood. When it stands straight up, it means she is scared or excited--even just curious. When it lies back with a little curl at the end, she is content. When it flattens down, it means she is very scared or angry.

With a life expectancy of 15-20 years, Mikey will hopefully enjoy a full bird life.

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