Birds in Flight

There is nothing more awesome or magical than a bird in flight. What creates one of the most inspiring natural canopies of nature arises from the sheer variety of birds which fly. Color, size, and variety affect the visual patterns birds create when they fly.

Through their adaptations to the environment, birds have developed their flying ability. These adaptations have resulted in flight-helpful characteristics : two wings, lightweight bones, and a set of lungs which form hollow spaces called air sacs supplying birds with air during flight. Moreover, each type of feather is designed to serve a different purpose in the process of flight.

Observe the magic of bird flight on your screen. Better yet, get out and take a nature hike in your own neighborhood. Fortunately, birds are easy to study because they exist in such abundance.

There is more detailed information on the natural flight of birds on the Links page. Lesson on the Flight of Birds (high school and college)

Trio of Seagulls Bald Eagle Crane

Photographs are provided courtesy of The Webshots Community

For a more comprehensive display of birds in flight, see The Webshots Community, Birds in Flight, which also features high resolution wallpaper images.

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