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Nancy J. Bialon Lincoln High School Energy and Pathways
Aliya A. CatanchHill-Freedman Middle SchoolCan't We All Just Get Along? Battle of the Sexes
Karen CohenAbraham Lincoln High SchoolBird Brains and Buddies
Carolyn FitchettCW Henry SchoolBrains and Drugs
Nora A. KasperFather Judge High SchoolLearning Styles, Inquiry Method, and Authentic Alternative Assessments
Heidi R. KingBartram Human ServicesNeurobiology of Amplified Abilities in the Deaf
Sharon P. LeeCW Henry SchoolBrains and Drugs
Sheila F. MalloryJohn P. Turner Middle SchoolThe Language Factor
Ayotola O. OrontiFeltonville Academics Plus SchoolTunatol Kids International
Babatunde Ade OrontiOlney High SchoolTunatol Kids International
Inger S. SegreDimner Beeber Middle SchoolExploring Marijuana
Aaron StarkeWilliam T. Tilden Middle SchoolThe Language Factor
Carolyn S. TysonJohn P. Turner Middle SchoolExploring Marijuana
Deonna L. VickersJohn P. Turner Middle SchoolThe Language Factor
Judith A. VladJulia R. Masterman Middle/High SchoolControl of Environment
Wanda T. WilliamsJohn P. Turner Middle SchoolThe Language Factor

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