Can't We All Just Get Along?

Battle of the Sexes

Does the diversity in the female and male brain stop in size alone? Or are there a host of differences that make the male and female different not only in size, but in our thought patterns, the way we learn, view and make sense of the world at large?

Throughout the ages there have been educators, philosphers, doctors and professionals of various fields that have debated what (if any) factor does gender play on how we see the world? This web site is intended to help explore some of the various issues concerning the sexes and how the whole gender issue is viewed.

Some anthropologists will take you back to the evolution of Darwin's finches and other animals to understand our differences in the evolution of the sexes. While others feel that the gender issue for humans in particular can be explained away by the biblical beginnings of Adam and Eve.

As an educator my concerns(for the immediate future) are not the orgins of human existence or the exact point of reference that we assume on gender issues. As an educator I am most concerened with how to teach my students in a way that maximizes learning.

One of the heated topics that has educators drawing both gender and racial lines is single sex schooling. Single Sex Educational Viewpoints There are many women's groups that argue the necesity for an all female educational enviorment girl power. There have even been poles published in newspapers all over the United States that asked that same question of its readers in various polls.

I was taught recently that there are no truths with a capital T in Science. However there are generalizations that consist of grains of truth that can be a focal point of study brain structure. What makes our brain structure and how we think so important? We must fully understand how our students learn so that we may teach to them, not at them in a grave attempt to further impact humanity.

In conclusion, I leave you with the challenge that has been the theme throughout this page - helping to make sense of our differences. Understanding that men may be cucumbers and women may very well be tomatoes, both taste different and can stand alone, but a salad that combines the two is even better.

Does the male have a bigger parietal lobule that makes them more intelligent in spacial and mathematical things? Are women more intelliget in areas concerning language and arts? Again we can make huge generalizations about these findings, or we can realize that since all is taken as "truths" not "Truths" we can evolve from all the data that we recieve and take the time to process.

Accepting diversity is no longer an option as the myth of the American Melting Pot gives way to the International Toss Salad model, change is happening all around us. Can we all get along? Looking as the glass as half full, not half empty tells me the thrust of education is bridging the gaps everyday. As we deal with the boys from Mars and the girls from Venus, we shall help evolve our students into the problem solvers that will take our humanity to the next level with a strong sense of purpose and understanding.

Aliya Catanch