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PLEASE NOTE: Some schedule changes have been made on Thursday and Friday since the poster was printed. This online program contains the most accurate schedule information.

Wednesday, April 13
Thursday, April 14
Friday, April 15

Wednesday, April 13, 5:00-8:00pm
Haverford College, Campus Center 205 ABC

Dinner served during session

Fresh Perspectives on Health Care in Africa (Special Students’ Session)

5:00 – Paula Viterbo, Post-doctoral Mellon Fellow, Center for Science in Society, Bryn Mawr College; Kalala Ngalamulume, Associate Professor of Africana Studies & History, Bryn Mawr College
Introduction to the workshop

Kaye Edwards, Associate Professor of General Programs, and Director of the Center for Peace and Global Citizenship, Haverford College
Introduction to the student panel

5:30 – Crystal Biruk, PhD Candidate in Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania
“Just Say ‘NO!’ to widow inheritance: The intersection of traditional practice and public health interventions in Bondo district, Kenya”

6:00 – Molly Breitbart, Haverford College
“For the Community, By the Community: A New Approach to the Control of Onchocerciasis”

6:30 – Faith Wallace-Gadsden, Haverford College
"Drug Resistant Bacteria and Childhood Diarrhea in Africa"

7:00 – Kimberly Ebanks, Haverford College
"Female Genital Schistosomiasis: Gendered Tasks, Stigma and Reproductive Health in Africa”

7:30 – Iruka Okeke, Assistant Professor of Biology, Haverford College
Moderated discussion

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Thursday, April 14
Bryn Mawr College, Wyndham Ely Room

9:00 - Nancy J. Vickers, President, Bryn Mawr College
Paula Viterbo, Post-doctoral Mellon Fellow, Center for Science in Society, Bryn Mawr College


Kalala Ngalamulume, Associate Professor of Africana Studies & History, Bryn Mawr College Introducing the Theme of the Workshop

Session I: Health, Disease, and Illness
Bryn Mawr College, Wyndham Ely Room, 9:00am-12:30pm

9:30 – James Webb, Professor of History, Colby College
“Malaria and the Peopling of Early Tropical Africa”

10:00 – James Pfeiffer, Associate Professor, Department of Health Services, School of Public Health and Community Medicine, University of Washington
“Money, Modernity, and Morality: Traditional Healing and the Expansion of the Holy Spirit in Mozambique”

10:30 – Tea break

10:45 – Kalala Ngalamulume, Associate Professor of Africana Studies & History, Bryn Mawr College
“The Regulation of Madness in Saint-Louis-du-Senegal, 1850-1914”

11:15 – Richard Keller, Assistant Professor of Medical History and the History of Science, University of Wisconsin at Madison
“Colonial Madness, Structural Violence, and the Poetics of Suffering: The Case of Kateb Yacine”

11:45 – Jonathan Sadowsky, Associate Professor of Medical History, Case Western Reserve University, Chair and discussant
Tracey Hucks, Associate Professor of Religion, Haverford College, Moderator
Moderated discussion

12:30 – Lunch break at Haffner Dining Hall

Session II: Disease, Public Health, and Empire
Bryn Mawr College, Wyndham Ely Room, 1:30pm-5:30pm

1:30 – Helen Tilley, Assistant Professor of History, Princeton University
“The Scramble for Africa, Racial Acclimatization, and Scientific Investigations of African Disease Environments, 1880-1920”

2:00 – Myron Echenberg, Professor of History, McGill University, Canada
“Medical Science in Colonial Senegal: The Pasteur Institute of Dakar and the Quest for a Yellow Fever Vaccine, 1925-1945”

2:30 – Jean-Paul Bado, Research Fellow, Institute of African Studies, University of Aix-en-Provence, France
“Malarial Campaign in Francophone Africa Since the 1940s: A Challenge for Medicine”

3:00 – Tea break

3:15 – Tamara Giles-Vernick, Associate Professor of History, University of Minnesota
“Malaria, mosquitoes, and environmental change: Rethinking etiologies of an epidemic in French Soudan, 1935-1938”

3:45 – Randall Packard, Professor of History of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University
Chair and discussant
Moderated discussion

5:30 – Reception at Wyndham House, followed by dinner for participants and invited guests

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Friday, April 15
Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges

Session I: Reproductive Health and Social Reproduction
Bryn Mawr College, Wyndham Ely Room, 9:00am-12:15pm

9:00 – Rachel Chapman, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of Washington
“Segredos da Casa: Managing The Social Risks of Reproduction in Central Mozambique”

9:30 – Julie Livingston, Assistant Professor of History, Rutgers University
“Inside the Uterine Wall: Tswana Medicine, Hidden Children, and the
Sexuality of Mothers in Post-War Botswana”

10:00 – Laura McGough, Postdoctoral Fellow at Johns Hopkins University
“Stigma and the Political Economy of Disease: The Neglected Dimension of Interventions to Reduce HIV/AIDS Stigma”

10:30 – Tea break

10:45 – Susan Watkins, Professor, Department of Sociology, and Associate, Population Studies Center, University of Pennsylvania
“Navigating the AIDS Epidemic in Rural Malawi”

11:15 – Judith Porter, Professor of Sociology, Bryn Mawr College
Chair and discussant (comparative perspective on AIDS)
Susanna Wing, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Haverford College
Discussant (female sexuality)
Moderated discussion

12:00 – Lunch break at Haffner Dining Hall

Session II: Disease Preparedness and Surveillance
Haverford College, Hilles 109, 2:00pm-5:30pm

2:00 – Iruka Okeke, Assistant Professor of Biology, Haverford College
“Antimicrobial resistance in Africa: Uncovering and Combating a Hidden Epidemic”

2:30 – Carlos C. (Kent) Campbell, M.D., M.P.H., Program Director, Malaria Control & Evaluation Program in Africa, Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH)
“Preventing the enormous health and economic burden of malaria in Africa: We know what to do, and now we must do it!”

3:00 – Abena Dove Osseo-Asare, ABD in History of Science, Harvard University
“Representations of Poison and Toxicity in Ghanaian Traditional Medicine Discourse”

3:30 – Tea break

3:45 – Evelyne Shuster, Adjunct Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Pennsylvania Health System; Director, Human Rights and Ethics Program, Philadelphia Veterans Affairs Medical Center
“Prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS in Africa: Who gets it, who decides and what are the options?”

4:15 – Zolani Ngwane, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Haverford College
“The Politics of HIV/AIDS Education Among Adolescents in South Africa”

4:45 – Jennifer Punt, Associate Professor of Biology, Haverford College
Chair and discussant
Robert Washington, Professor of Sociology and Africana Studies, Bryn Mawr College
Moderated discussion

6:30 Dinner in Philadelphia

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