Scientists on Demand

A directory of faculty and students available to work with K-12 teachers and classes. For arrangements with particular individuals, contact them directly at the email addresses given. For more general information or to add names to this list, write us. There is also an on-line forum where faculty and students can record thoughts from/about visits. A brief note in the forum following any visit will be helpful both to maintain a record of the use of this directory and for others who might be interested in learning more about particular visitors.

We are just beginning to assemble this directory (Aug, 2004), so please revisit ... and be sure to write us if you would like to be included here.

Wil Franklin Laboratory Instructor, Biology, Bryn Mawr Field biology, interactive laboratory teaching Classroom visits
Karen Greif Professor, Biology, Bryn Mawr Cell biology, neurobiology, bioethics Classroom visits
Paul Grobstein Professor, Biology, Bryn Mawr Neurobiology, science education, interdisciplinary education, web pedagogy In service days, classroom visits
Michael Noel Professor, Physics, Bryn Mawr Interactive physics demonstrations School visits

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