To facilitate the broad conversations, involving scientists and non-scientists as well as academics and non-academics, which are essential to continuing explorations of :

• the natural world and humanity's place in it
the nature of education

the generation, synthesis, and evaluation of information

• technology and its potentials

the relationships among forms of creativity and understanding

  At Bryn Mawr College and beyond ...

In addition to ongoing working groups and initiatives (see above):


Making Sense of Diversity: A Conversation

A discussion, supported by series of campus events (including a Town Hall meeting on Tuesday, 9 September at 7 pm in Thomas Great Hall), on-line resources, and an on-line forum. All welcome!

Explorations of Teaching: What, Why, How, and Who

A new project of the Graduate Idea Forum. Monthly meetings and workshops for graduate students and faculty.

Psychoanalysis and Neuroscience: Enemies, Acquaintainces, Bedfellows?:

A panel, open discussion, and on-line forum
7:15 pm, Wednesday, 8 October, Thomas 110. All welcome.


Summer Institutes for K-12 Teachers:

A series of two-week institutes offered during the summer that bring together Bryn Mawr faculty and precollege teachers:

July 7 - 18: Brain and Behavior: Implications for K-12 Education

July 21 - Aug 1: Bridging Cultures in K-12 Education: Exploration and Emergence

Making Sense of Physics:

An interactive experience for K-12 students under development by Mike Noel and Flora Shepherd

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