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Remote Ready Biology Learning Activities

Remote Ready Biology Learning Activities has 50 remote-ready activities, which work for either your classroom or remote teaching.


Biology = the study of life ...

What does it tell us about ourselves?

About the larger world of which we are a part?

And about our place in that larger world?


Is it possible that science and life are, in some important sense, the same thing?

All the physical and chemical laws that are known to play an important role in the life of organisms are of this statistical kind; any other kind of lawfulness and orderliness that one might think of is being perpetually disturbed and made inoperative by the unceasing heat motion of the atoms

Erwin Schrodinger, What Is Life?

I like to think of the possible shape of the future brooding in mice, just as it brooded once in a rather ordinary mousy insectivore who became a man. It leaves a nice fine indeterminate sense of wonder that even an electronic brain hasn't got, because you know perfectly well that if an electronic brain changes, it will be bacause of something man has done to it. A certain scale of time and a ghostly intangible thing called change are ticking in him. Powers and potentials like the oak in the seed, or a red and awful ruin. Either way, its impressive; and the mouse has it too.

Loren Eiseley, "The Bird and the Machine" in The Star Thrower

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