Modality Source Monitoring Experiment

Welcome to the Modality Source Monitoring Experiment home page. This experiment is being conducted in connection with a class in Human Cognition at Bryn Mawr College. By visiting this page, you have the opportunity to participate in the experiment and contribute to educational research. When you finish the experiment, you will be able to learn about the goals of the experiment and how to access the data from other participants.

The experiment involves memory and takes about 10 minutes. When you finish the experiment, you will see a form you can use to submit your data from the experiment, along with some optional demographic information, to be included in our database of observations. You will not need to provide your name; all data is being collected anonymously.

Research with human subjects requires informed consent. Before participating in the experiment, please click on this Informed Consent Form link and make sure you agree with what it says. Then, read the section on technical requirements to see whether you have everything you need to run the experiment. When you're ready, click on the link at the bottom of the page to begin the experiment.

Technical Requirements

To run the experiment, you need:

If the Flash 6 plug-in is installed correctly, a blue rectangle with a button labeled "Test Flash" will appear below. If you do not see a test button, you need to download the Flash 6 plug-in. To test whether your speakers are working correctly, click on the "Test Flash" button below.

Ok. You're ready to go. Click on the link below to begin the experiment (by clicking on this link, you affirm that you have read the Consent Form linked above and agree to participate in this study).

Run the Experiment

Read APA-Style (Formal) Paper

Retrieve Data for All Participants

Questions?? Comments?? Send email to Jan Richard.

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