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Now that body size and brain size are out of the equation, are there any differences between all these brains?

It seems that there are still structural differences that are quite apparent in all these brains.

human brainsquirrel brain Some brains seem to have more grooves and indentations in the cortex than others.

cat brainmonkey brain Some brains seem to have larger or more noticeable structures than others. Notice, for example, the lump (which is the cerebellum) at the back of the brain on the left.

squirrel brainrabbit brain Some brains of animals which we assume would be similar actually look quite different (for example, a squirrel, left, and a rabbit, right).

So, in other words, although we've made all the brains equal in size, there still seems to be some differences that have nothing to do with size. Hence, the brains of animals that behave differently ARE different in other ways as well. This is interesting in its own right and also relates to the question of what is the relationship between the brain and measures of intelligence or behavioral complexity?

In either case, what we really want to know is more about about the details of the organization of the brain. For that we have to slice into it and use techniques to look at it and compare it more closely.

Yes, let's slice into these brains!

I want to talk about intelligence, please

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