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Have you ever wondered what makes us humans different from, say, a rat? Have you ever wanted to see a cerebellum up close and personal? Have you ever looked at a frog and thought to yourself- hmmm, I wonder if he has neocortex? Have you ever wondered how intelligence is defined?

These are hard questions and no one has the exact answers to them. But as we explore together the intricacies and wonder of the brain, we might think about a simpler question which can be used to answer the more complex questions . . . We know different animals behave differently. Does that mean that, in one way or another, their brains are different?

You need not have any previous science experience to explore this website or participate in the thought exercises within!

This website is organized into 4 main parts, and if you ever find yourself lost you can use the index on the left to guide you back:

  1. Comparative Brain Sizes and Body Sizes of Various Different Animals
  2. Details (and Slicing) of Brains
  3. Neurons and the Nervous System
  4. The Question of Intelligence

First, you may ask why are we studying comparative neuroanatomy? What is the use? Let's think about that... click here for a discussion of the relevance of this type of study.

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