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The Human Hindbrain

Human Hindbrain

Now we are looking at a cross-section of the hindbrain of a human.

Can you tell what structure this is? Do you see the convoluted material that is dark purple? That is the cerebellum. What do you think is the round, off-white structure in the middle? Need a hint? Look at this picture...

Brain w/ Labels

That's right! It's the brainstem.

Click on the button below to look at a slice of the forebrain of the human.

(If you want to see more pictures of the cerebellum and the spinal cord, go to this site:"Mammalian Brain Collections")

Now let's look at forebrain of the human brain

Go back to the sagittal view of the human brain

No, let's slice the monkey brain

I want to know about these structures and their functions

What's the point? On towards magnification

Huh? Can we start over?