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The Rat Hindbrain

Rat Hindbrain

Now we are looking at a cross-section of the hindbrain of a rat.

Can you tell what structure this is? Do you see the convoluted material that is dark purple? That is the cerebellum. What other structures do you see? What is beneath the cerebellum? Although it is diffcult to tell exactly what level we are seeing, structures of the brainstem may be apparent. Do you remember what structures consistute the brain stem? It includes the pons, medulla oblongata, and spinal cord.

Click on the button below to look at a slice of the forebrain of the rat.

Now let's look at forebrain of the rat brain

Go back to the sagittal view of the rat brain

No, let's slice the frog brain

I want to know about these structures and their functions

What's the point? On towards magnification

Huh? Can we start over?