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Remote Ready Biology Learning Activities

Remote Ready Biology Learning Activities has 50 remote-ready activities, which work for either your classroom or remote teaching.

This web exhibit was first built in 2000 by Patricia Anne Kinser, Haverford College, under the direction of Paul Grobstein, Bryn Mawr College. The updated version of Comparative Neuroanatomy and Intelligence is now online at This old version has been archived in place, and will continue to be available for teachers and students who are using it.

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Great Web Sites

bubbling brain

General Websites on Brains and Intelligence
Neurosciences for Kids
Brain Size, Evolution, and Behavioral Complexity
Brains, Behavior, and intelligence in Cetaceans
The Paragon of Animals
Timeline of Neuroscience

Websites on Brain Images, Structures, Atlases
Human Anatomy
  • Information about human anatomy, with pictures
The Whole Brain Atlas
  • with top 100 brain structures, etc

  • ability to make slices through brain, see imaging
Comparative Mammalian Brain Colections
  • brain sections of human, chimp, dolphin, cow

  • good links
Visible Human Project
  • human anatomy dissections
"Brain and Behavior"
  • medical school course information with details about brain structures
Dissections of the Human Brain
  • lots of detailed slices of human brain
Inventory of (Human) Coronal Brain Images
  • coronal brain animation (ventral to dorsal)

  • sagittal brain animation
Neuroanatomy Images
  • with specific structures listed,
    page for each structure
Lobes of Human Brain
  • with imaging map,
    click on sections to read about structure
Tons of Brain Links to Atlases, etc
  • many sites
Tutorials and Atlases of Human Brain

Slices through Human Brain
  • 75 y.o. normal brain
MRI Images of Human Brain

  • probably not very helpful
    yet interesting
Labelled Drawings of Brain
  • write in abbreviations--> full name
Neuroanatomy Graphics (Human)
  • basic pictures
  • neuron images, stained and electron microscope
Neuroanatomy Tutorial
  • point and identify parts
Dissection of the Sheep Brain
  • directional dissections
Sheep Brain Tutorial
  • brain w/ image mapping, point to section and identify part
Interesting Tumor Movie
Neuroscience Images

General Websites on Animals
Electronic Zoo
Brain Size, Evolution, and Behavioral Complexity

Layman's Guide to Medical Terminology
Male vs. Female Brains

Sites for Web Design and Clip Art (science or animal related)
Free Animal and Wildlife Pictures
Science-Related ClipArt
Photo Clip Art
Animated Gifs

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