To facilitate the broad conversations, involving scientists and non-scientists as well as academics and non-academics, which are essential to continuing explorations of :
• the natural world and humanity's place in it
the nature of education
the generation, synthesis, and evaluation of information
technology and its potentials
the relationships among forms of creativity and understanding
Summer 2002

Meetings continue, every Wednesday morning in Park 230 at 8:30 a.m. All welcome!

On-Line Discussion Forum:

The Place of the U.S. in the World Community

Summer Institutes for K-12 Teachers:

A series of two-week institutes offered during the summer that bring together Bryn Mawr faculty and precollege teachers:

July 7 - 18: Brain and Behavior: Implications for K-12 Education
July 21 - Aug 1: Bridging Cultures in K-12 Education: Exploration and Emergence

Director: Paul Grobstein - | Secretary: Lisa Kolonay -