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Any friend of ours is ...

Humans are all different from one another, in their interests, their abilities, and their ways of relating to one another and to the world. And this is how it should be. Like all biological system, humanity depends for its success on the diversity of its elements. At the same time, it would be nice to know, or at least know about, more people whose concerns overlap with one's own, who can bring to one's own understanding new perspectives, and who are trying to do in and for the world things similar to what one is trying to do oneself.

One of the great significances of the Web (perhaps its greatest significance?) is that it vastly increases the possibilites of locating such people. Less than a decade ago, few people had the opportunity in a lifetime to interact with more than a thousand or so other people. Today one can, in principle, interacts with millions to find those with similar concerns. Out of this, one can reasonably expect whole new communities to emerge ... and probably whole new ways of thinking as people with related concerns discover one another and recognize their similarities and complementarities.

Links among sites on the Web are a concrete representation of such emerging and evolving communities and ways of thinking. Groucho Marx is said to have once said "I wouldn't be a member of any club that would admit me". Serendip feels differently. Anyone who finds Serendip interesting is probably interesting to Serendip. And, if you're visiting here, probably to you as well. Hence the list below, of places linked to Serendip. It is known to be not even close to exhaustive, and will keep growing. So check back often.

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