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Keeping track of Serendip

Serendip is actually a pretty busy place. Curious about who's visiting, what they're looking at, and when? This page makes it possible for you to find out. Click the report button and Serendip will tell you how many different computers it has talked to today (up to the time you clicked the button), and how many total files have been requested by those computers (hits). You'll also get a list of all of the computers included in the count. The totals of computers and hits for any prior date can be obtained by using the date buttons to change the date. You can also get the totals after any date or prior to any date (since 19 July 1996), using the "After date" and "Before date" buttons. The bottom button allows you to enter a second date and Serendip will report computers it was contacted by and hits between the first and second dates. If you want to get fancier, you can enter the names (or parts of names) of visiting computers and/or the names (or parts of names) of Serendip files in the bottom two boxes, and Serendip will report only on the relevant computers and files. Preceding a computer or file name (or part) with a minus sign and space will exclude it from the report. You can combine inclusions and exclusions to make the report as specific as you want.
Serendip also provides weekly access summaries.

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