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Remote Ready Biology Learning Activities

Remote Ready Biology Learning Activities has 50 remote-ready activities, which work for either your classroom or remote teaching.

Evolution Resources on Serendip:
Differentiating Natural Selection from Intelligent Design

Undergraduate Courses, with syllabi, labs, presentations,online discussions and student web papers

The Story of Evolution and the Evolution of Stories: Exploring the Significance of Diversity (2005), "experiment ... with two interrelated and reciprocal inquiries: whether the biological concept of evolution is a useful one in understanding the phenomena of literature (in particular: the generation of new stories), and whether literature contributes to a deeper understanding of evolution."
Previous offerings: Spring 2004.

Philosophy of Science, Ideals of Scientific Explanation and the Nature of Its Objects

Introduction toBiology: Basic Concepts

What is Evolution (and science)?


What is Intelligent Design?


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Interactive Labs and Exhibits

Evolution by Natural Selection, "a simulation [suitable for high school biology students] involving different color beans on different color and texture habitats and student feeders equipped with different types of feeding implements. Students learn how different adaptations contribute to differences in survival and reproductive success, which results in changing frequencies of genotypes in the populations."

The Game of Life, an interactive game which explores whether order can emerge from randomness.


Discussions and Presentations

Science As Story Telling in Action: Evolution, notes and examples of what science is and is not.

Science and Religion, Faith and Revision: A Conversation, a dialogue arising from an article discussing the meaning of science, Science as Story Telling and Story Revision





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