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Science as Story Telling and Story Revision:
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"Science" has meant different things at different times in history, means different things to different people at the same time time (such as the present), and can mean different things to the same person at different points in their own lifetime. To put it differently "science" is, like many things, an evolving concept, one that derives its significance in part from a continual and public challenging and revision of its meaning.

Revisiting Science in Culture: Science as Story Telling and Story Revising is a recent contribution to the ongoing public process of negotiating and renegotiating the meaning of "science". It argues for a broader view of science (and science education), one that has the potential to make of science "shared human stories of exploration and growth ... in which all human beings are involved and take pride". Additional material provided here and an associated on-line forum area are intended as contributions to further exploring that possibility and, more generally, to the continuing exploration of the concept of science and its place in human culture.

Visitors are warmly invited to post reactions and thoughts related to Revisiting Science or any of the other materials made available here in the on-line forum. Suggestions for additional material to be added to this page are also welcome and should be sent to Paul Grobstein.

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